A Better Understanding

I have not posted in a bit BUT I have been doing Much research and listening to Many different points of view and I now have a Deeper understanding of the History of the Plot and the true Agenda that has been going on since the early days of our Nation. The group behind this plot has changed names Many times over the years but their tactics and goals have remained the same, to Destroy the Sovereignty of the United States of America and absorb our country into the New World Order / Globalist government run by this group that today goes by the name of the United Nations 🙁 We ARE the Last obstetrical in their path keeping their evil plan from being a reality 🙁

Get involved!



This Plot has been going on for Many Many Decades and has gone by many different names over the years, You know them today as the U.N. 🙁 rumble.com/embed/vattyf/?pub=dmkzz