Forced Submission

Our President has conceded, after he said he never would. And now I hear the anger in Patriots voices as they turn on him. Yet, there is one perspective I have not heard one Patriot mutter.

And I seriously Pray you read these words carefully, because what he did, was refuse to sacrifice us, unknowing, to them. They showed him yesterday and last night that they will execute us and they will beat us in the streets and his hand was forced.

I do not care what conclusions any Patriot has made. The simple fact is, they are seeking Crucify him. Yes I said that, because there is a time when man will bare the cross. He would rather they tear him apart. Look at what they are doing to him. Crucifying him before us and Patriots ARE turning on him. Do not give them what they want.

Do not be deceived. They now seek to destroy him so he may NEVER stand for YOU again.

Him or Us. Him or Us? No one know how many other lives they may be threatening to take.

What is it going to take for us to get it together?

He had NO choice. We do. We have a choice to STAND and Refuse to concede. We CAN Formally Reclaim our Authority of the Nation and control of the government.

Put aside yourself and your opinions. He did not sacrifice our lives without our consent. Now he is being Crucified. Simple.

Then Republicans sacrificed our Voice by conceding the votes.

Will this be enough for us to just STOP and unite and take back our nation?

WE CANNOT CONCEDE – Your President just sacrificed himself to protect you. We now have ALL we need to Withdraw Consent. Only we can stop ourselves…..OH Mighty God unite us through the Holy Spirit! Father we repent as a nation of people we repent. You know our hearts. Lord bring us together so we may better serve Your will. Unite our hearts by Your Spirit. Raise us up as you once Raised a generation of the faithful. Lead us Father, so we may restore Your nation, for Your glory. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen

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I don't know about you but I'm staying in the theater till the end of the credits...
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