Impeachment Circus 2021

I haven’t had much to say lately due to the current state of affairs due to the Democrats constant barrage of “Executive Orders” to undo all of the Good Things that President Trump had put into place, has kept me in a funk and on the verge of a combination of Depression and Anger. Lets start off with this Unconstitutional “Impeachment” of a now Private Citizen that is Nothing but a Political Vendetta and a Clear Overstep / Abuse of Power by those on the left to further Silence us and Take Away our Voice by attempting to Deny us the Right to Vote for the Candidate of our choice 🙁 There is also the “Vaccine” and Mask mandates that are attempting to force people to get an Untested and Unapproved by the FDA, Genetically modifying substance that may have Irreversible health effects on countless Millions of people who have already gotten it, along with the Media and Health officials covering up the Long and Ever Growing list of people who are Dying and having Sever reactions after receiving said “vaccine” 🙁 What has the world become when people have lost the urge to Resist such Tyranny? We The People are becoming the Minority and MAY soon become a rare breed if the Globalists continue to advance their agenda unopposed 🙁

Get involved!



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