Letter to State Republicans

“I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious. Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have … The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases. The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”  Thomas Jefferson

We the Free People of the state of _____________, do hereby submit an immediate petition to the state GOP.  This emergency petition is on behalf of our people, who are under egregious attack from an  aggressive Political Faction that has taken over our Federal Government.  We are a body of the population of this nation that knows that their lives are in danger and Washington DC is, to our horror, demonizing us before the entire world!  We demand our State Representatives take immediate actions to Force the Federal Government to STAND DOWN.  Their power comes from the state therefore, it is the Duty of the State Government to intervein, as it is Your duty to Uphold, Secure and Protect the Constitutional Rights of the people of your state.
We do hereby call upon our State Representatives to take a Stand and Demand the whole of Congress Cease all of their action against the People of this Nation.  We will not sit Silent as they continue their Lies about our President!  The Charade is over!  We the People DO NOT CONSENT to the Abuses of this Congress, as their attacks on our President are equal attacks on the American People. People who are only guilty of Understanding the Truth of their Rights in this Nation.  The Republican Party, should they continue to tear this nation apart and abide by the Lie of the Faction that has taken control ILLEGALLY  of our Federal Government, will be named as aggressors of the Charters of Freedom and the Free People of these United States.  They will have seceded from the American People and we will no longer consider them a Legitimate body of Government.  The entire government, with very few exceptions, has far exceeded the consent of the WHOLE body of the American voters.  They MUST have the consent of All of governed!  We do NOT Consent!
We now charge our State Elected Representatives, to take an adamant and fervent stand against the aggressors in the House and Senate of the United States Congress.  We will not be governed by such who abuse the power they were entrusted with.  We do not give them the Authority nor Consent to carry on with this farce.  Therefore, it must be stopped, or we will deem it an act of aggression against the people.  Consent to be governed is maintained so long as the elected act in accordance with Good behavior.
We the Free People of ___________, do hereby Declare and Decree, the Nations Government is NOT acting in Good Behavior; to the contrary, their actions are increasingly hostile toward the people. True Americans are ruthlessly being demonized before the world, subjecting them to an increasingly hostile portion who has clearly demonstrated the willingness to EXEXUTE innocent people in the streets!!  Who speak of purging us for our beliefs!!!  Our lives and right to freely think for ourselves is in grave danger!
Should the Republicans and Democrats proceed, we the people, the Free People of these United States, will have No option but to defend their lives against what we recognize as a proven hostile enemy!
We the People state our appeal, that we recognized the American System of Government is under assault by a hostile enemy that has taken control of both the Democrat and Republican Parties.  We will NOT Concede the Presidency and we will NOT Consent to President Trump’s Impeachment.  We are a people who have been being beaten and killed in the streets and many forced into poverty, while this out of control government has played victim and have encouraged their followers to see us as less than human.  We will not continue to tolerate their abuse.
We Ask the Lord God convict you, who are our Last hope before this nation erupts into civil war!  We hold the Republicans and Democrats of the United States Congress and Throughout all branches of the American Government responsible for January 6th.   It is because of the actions of the Congress and the Supreme Court and all who chose to strip the American People of fair and Legitimate representation, that a radical group of Americans committed unsanctioned acts on that day.  We, blame the Congress.  We blame those representatives who chose to Silence Americans and hand our Nation over to an aggressive faction that has openly advertised the Unconstitutional Actions they are going to take against the Free People of this Nation.  We blame the Congress for all of the division, all of the violence.  Our voice will be heard.  We will NOT be silenced.
We will not concede.  We will not submit.  Consent is revoked.

Get involved!



Alrighty folks it has been a long day.

What we need to do is, flood our Republican Reps. Same message, and we must refuse to be silent. We have the right to be heard, and it is their Duty, as representatives, to Stand Up and Stand for us. We are the governed, something we consent to. However, our consent is never unlimited. The actions of the Representative body in Washington DC, in the US Congress are actions that a large portion of the population refuses to submit to.

We need to take a stand. We absolutely do not have to submit to a regime that has exercised its power to disrupt our lives and cause us harm to our lives and livelihoods. The things being proposed to be done to our people, Americans who do not agree with their ideologies, are extreme and radical. Talks of re-education camps, imprisoning, purging (which often bares a violent action), no, we as a body of people do not have to accept such control over our lives.
1 year ago