Recovering Christian American Values

There was once a time in this nation, when there were faith-filled Preachers who taught the biblical meaning of Liberty as well as the proper role and biblical design of government. Liberty a blessed gift, they faithfully believed had been given them by the Lord Jesus Christ. These preachers cultivated a strong foundation of moral values, a foundation built upon the divine inspiration of a great and Glorious God. These preachers upheld the biblical principles and stood convicted men, as they addressed and ministered to the reality of the days in which they lived. These were men raised up by God with a purpose of moving men; men called to truth and righteousness and to the Will of God as laborers in the world.

Galatians 5:1  “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”

My journey to this present moment, began a little over 2 years ago with a profound shift in my walk with the Lord.  In my search for answers, answers to navigate the world I found myself living in, the Lord sent me to the past for the needed lessons, where a more complex study would reveal opportunities of truth. Opportunities are answers, because we base our choosing upon that which we know.  Studying the true foundations of this nation was my search and it brought me to such a profound Awakening. The biblical influence that resides at the very core of this nation is one that nearly all Americans know little, if anything about. My preachers, my teachers, although many are long dead, where Spirit filled, fiery men of God, who stood fiercely in their faith; and although some ended broken and lost, the Lord God saw fit to Raise them up for the purpose of raising a nation. This the Lord does widely throughout the bible; as he also does throughout our lives.

So many of them had a strength of faith that poured from their writings and sermons.  One can feel the Holy Spirit in their words, if one is so inclined to receive such a blessing!  They were ministers of God! They understood their duty as ministers to society and they preached according to their personal calling from the Lord God.  When the Holy Spirit filled them, they delivered the words in complete obedience commanded of their Father. During the War for Independence, some of these preachers filled the essential role of Chaplain amongst the people of the Continental Army; many continued their bold and spirit filled preaching amongst the people teaching the biblical principles for which war raged on for; others stood for the people as statesmen in the war fought at the table.    They ALL stood, for their God called them to stand!

Our nation now faces succumbing to absolute moral corruption and tyrants sick with greed and drunk with power. It is because we do not know our history, that we find ourselves in what may arguably be the closest prophetically, to the end of days.  This is not the first fall toward the end and should we survive it, should we turn it around and restore our nation through our unified strength of faith,  should we choose the Lord God above all else and return him to the Head, the Lord will bestow his blessings upon us!

I have decided to make this an exploratory series of articles, as my walk in understanding what the Lord has placed before me, is infantile at best and I am fallible and broken. There is a darkness that has come over mankind. It is not a darkness obscuring all vision, no. It is a lack of God’s light among us. It is a darkness that consumes us in our silence. It swallows us with a pit of unknowing and despair. Yet all we need do is look up, and he is there. Look to the Lord Jesus, and seek direction, comfort and forgiveness. It is there, he always finds me, and firmly lifts me to his expectation of just that moment, and I surrender. Oh Lord! My savior! My redemption, help us to seize the opportunity of your presence in our lives. May we grab hold your hand, as you seek us in our darkness. Raise our spirits to learn where we come from! Raise our hearts in courage, so we may boldly proclaim the truth! Join us together, as we fellowship, unified in the body of Christ. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen!

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