The Attacks Continue

January 22nd 2021 @ 1pm – The attacks on our constitutional rights continue, They started with Silencing us on Social Media and many other platforms and Now they have moved on to openly Hunting down and Attacking anyone who ever supported President Trump, Destroying their livelihood and reputations and even calling for them to be disbarred and banned from practicing or holding office Simply because those people disagreed with the Lefts Agenda 🙁 Biden will Destroy our country as he has already started to do by blocking the Pipeline and Stopping the construction of Trumps southern border wall and revoking his Right to Live laws on limiting late term abortion 🙁 I am sad to say I see where this is headed and that Our Guns and Religion are some of the next things they will be targeting 🙁

Get involved!



All the more reason for us to all stick together and call our own shots! That is what the Patriot Network Community Outreach Program is all about! There is no reason we can't be 80 million people strong! If we all bind together there is nothing the government can do to hold us down!
@peepso_user_6(PaulRevere) The first thing we need to work on is our Own Ammo Production. They have figured out that since they can't ban guns directly they will create a shortage of ammo like we see happening now 🙁 If we Produce our own ammo we will have both plenty of ammo AND plenty of revenue from the sales of said ammo 🙂
Yes yes yes!