At the heart of our constitutional Republic is balancing the safety and security of the whole community and individual autonomy, consisting of life, liberty, property, privacy, and dignity. Because both intrusion and the right of individuals to control their own lives are highly valued in our society, striking the balance is often difficult. On one side is the need to give government enough power to control society within the scope of reason. On the other side is allowing individuals the ability to control their lives without government interference. The balance between  control and individual autonomy is also flexible, particularly during emergencies. The right balance is not an exact point, but rather it falls within a zone between total control and total freedom. The quality of life in our constitutional republic also depends on another balance—between ends (result) and means (process). The result is the search for truth to obtain the “right” result in each case. At the process end of the balance is a commitment to dealing fairly with the community and individual autonomy. Balancing result and process is not always comfortable and is often controversial. The rules that protect us from the government’s abuse of power can sometimes get in the way of the search for truth. There are times when the guilty go free in order to make sure the government plays by the rules.

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Absolutely @peepso_user_1181(sobuko) ! And it is the responsibility of the American people to pull together when that line is crossed! One of my favorite things to tell people is WE THE PEOPLE have the "power" so stop giving it away!