The Patriotic Place warrant canary:

As of Thursday, January 28, 2022, We ( have never received:

National Security Letter, of any type, for any purpose.

Personal requests from any law enforcement agency worldwide or corporate entity for backdoors in any software and/or hardware projects to which we currently are or have been active contributors, nor are we aware of other contributors to these projects having received such a request.

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court orders of any type.

Subpoenas and/or search warrants accompanied by a gag order pursuant to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

This statement will continue to be updated manually.

The Free Speech Canary: declares itself to be a Neutral Public Forum and claims protection under Section 230 immunity. commits to not removing content unless it is illegal or any form of child sexualization. commits to not banning users unless they post illegal content or if they compromise the site functionality (Spam, DDoS, etc.)

The Owners and Moderators of individual groups may restrict speech but only at the risk of that individual group loosing Neutral Public Forum status and the Owners and Moderators of that individual group loosing Section 230 immunity. itself maintains Neutral Public Forum status and maintains Section 230 immunity because anyone can create a new group and talk about anything they want.

The only addendum I would like to add is that if a group owner is determined to be an abusive mod, I may transfer that group to another user (Abusive mod is defined by actively censoring relevant discussions or information).