The Rise of the American Spirit

A proposed letter to Senator Josh Hawley
subject Reclamation of Independence –
Senator Hawley ,
May you receive this as the Lord God intends.  I come to you first as you are the only Senator to step forward and Stand for the People.  I want to express to you, that you do not stand alone.  There are Millions of Americans who in their Hearts have been praying for one to choose to Stand for his or her people.  The Lord is raising up those who are willing to stand for their freedoms, the Lord is also raising up those who can Stand Boldly before the world and Declare the Voice of his people.  The Lord is also raising up His Esther’s, women willing to stand for their people.  I am bringing to you what we have called the Reclamation of Independence.  We are working to spread it among our people.  We Stand behind those who are willing to stand before the Dragon that has set its heart on the greatest worldly conquest, this American Nation; this Nation molded after God’s biblical instructions..  Sir, I appeal to you, with all fear conquered by my unbreakable faith in the Lord Jesus.  I know we will have the opportunity, the God given opportunity to stand them down.
We Spread our Decree among our people.
On the upcoming day, we Rise and We declare together, at the same time, Our Independence, no matter where we stand; DC, State Capitals, county seats, community gatherings, church gathering, or by ourselves; Together in One voice, we Unite to Reclaim what is Ours, our Independence which gives us the Right to withdraw our consent to be governed by a corrupt and wicked government filled with tyrants.  On that day. Our voice needs to be heard and there is  none with authority to deny us.
Silence us and our Consent is withdrawn and therefore the elect may NOT govern.
The Governed has never given unlimited consent, and has the explicit right to Withdraw consent when the Government becomes a threat and danger to the welfare of the Nation’s People.  It is the right of the People of a Nation, who are in Danger of severe consequence to their lives and safety  to withdraw and withhold their consent, as a means to protect their God Given right to life. Consent can ONLY be given when the governed consider their safety and their freedoms to be intact, upheld and protected.  When the promises are made by a governing body that tells the people, their safety and freedoms will depend on their cooperation, compliance and submission, they have the most primitive right to Stand Up against such deprivation and Refuse.  We Stand Sir and we Speak our Refusal. In One Voice we Speak.
We recognize the Present Political Faction that has become a wicked force in our government, has crossed a line we will NOT accept and find it to be such an egregious violation of our very right to defend our lives, we Boldly Revoke our Consent to be governed. It is ours to give and our to take back.  No force other than the Almighty God, Lord Jesus Christ can hinder our right to life and safety.
Our consent to be governed is contingent on the good behavior of the elected and their agents; it is ridiculously and painfully obvious that a people will long endure bad behavior and often wicked and brutal behavior from their government.
 As a True Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, who understands it is her duty to call upon those who the Lord is Raising up, sir, I say to you, hearts are awakening to the promise the Lord has for His people.  We unite in one voice on the coming day and we declare Our Lord God!  We take up His Armor and we Stand and Speak our Authority to the governing bodies.  Sir, I pray this reaches you.  I pray each who reads it can see the path as the Lord has shown it to me.  It is a vision from the sight of victory. Our Declaration of Independence, a compact with the Lord God, that endows us with the primal and basic of human freedom.  The Right to Rise and Stand, Stand and Declare a Direct appeal to the Lord Jeus, that we repent as a people for not caring enough for HIs creation, the gift He raised up and designed to best help us look after ourselves, each other and in hand with Him Leading our lives.
I could carry on in appeal to your heart sir, my eagerness causes me to ramble.  The following is one of 2 final versions.  There is another version which will be on a website – which of course means we are going to have to work fast before big media obliterates us…..
One Voice – Wherever Americans stand, Americans who believe they must reject and expel corruption, rather than be forced to submit to it…. at the same time across the Nation – At Rallys, at gatherings, in the store, wherever you may be.  If in your heart and soul, you believe in the Gift the Lord gave us when HE Raised a motley crue of men and women, imperfect, flawed and drenched in sin sinners, to answer His Call upon their hearts, and they were His Instruments, and He blessed them and provided aid and miracles in return for their obedience to Him, their surrender and unshakable faith and love.  This coming day sir, together we must have the courage of those men, who were outnumbered.  We are nearly equal in number,  with an Almighty God who will fight for us, while their god is an already defeated foe.  May we put aside petty differences, understand there is  a greater power at work, who will help us when we ask.  Let us surrender to Him, so that he may work in our lives and best guide our own actions.
The People will Stand to Reclaim their Independence in One Voice on the 6th.  May the Lord God keep His hand upon this nation, steady his faith filled people, who have chosen the Lord Jesus over forced submission to the laws of man which pervert the world.  This nation will not be ruled by power hungry tyrants.  We do not have to surrender our morals, believer in Jesus or not, a good and moral judgement will come from the acceptance of truth in the heart. In agreement, we the Free People of this American Nation, will stand as the United People and will clarify this broken election, as the final Authority we will clarify the broken election.

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