The Time Has Come

January 17th 2021 – We sit on the edge of our seats with anticipation of what the next few days will bring, and in light of the way things have progressed in just the past week or two. The Democrats have gone mad with power and have started an all out war against the First Amendment and Anyone who does not align with their views or who has the resolve to stand up to oppose their agenda. They have teamed up with “Big Tech” aka Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Working together they have attempted to Silence the voice of True Americans like us, They have even gone as far as Silencing and Declaring President Donald J.Trump and his Supporters as well as any Second Amendment and Patriot Groups and have declared us as Domestic Terrorists and have committed False Flag events in order to back up these claims 🙁 I am documenting these events as a record of the truth Just in case their evil  forces and tactics overpower and out number those of us willing to Stand up and Fight for our Constitutional Republic, Because I know that History is written by the conquerors in the blood of their victims. Stay Strong Patriots and God Bless America! 🙂

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