Three Percenter[s] and the model of The Founding Fighter[s].


The Founding Fighter[s] include historical figures such as Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Nathan Hale, John Hancock, Francis Marion, Richard Harry Lee, James Otis, and Ethan Allen. Most Three Percenter[s], (IIIer[s]; Threeper[s]), know the stories of several of these men. It is critical/important to say that Three Percenter[s] know the history and birth of tyranny separatist{s]. A patriot must ask, why is this critical/important? Threeper[s] must know about those they are modeling themselves after if the Threeper aims to model themselves after one or all of them. Kind of like how a Threeper or Patriot cannot support and defend an idea (like the Constitution) if neither do not know what the idea is. Furthermore, a 5th-grade education that brushes over these topics does not suffice.

Some of the Founding Fighter[s] were already soldiers; some were just average citizens who finally had enough of the tyranny. The Founding Fighter[s] were smart, extremely principled, intellectual, brave, and the Founding Fighter[s] stopped at nothing concerning their cause. Nevertheless, these Founding Fighters [s] acted long before the Revolution began. Founding Fighter[s] spoke out, wrote papers and books, met in pubs, made speeches, identified enemies, tried to educate others, and could speak to the many issues in depth. Founding Fighter[s] had a broad but common goal and did everything each could to see it come to fruition. In the fight, some Founding Fighter[s] gave up families, fortunes, and in some cases, even their lives for the cause. It is easy to see why so few can be Threeper[s].

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