To Keep Liberty

I am exhausted.  I have been trying to help people understand what we are supposed to be doing. Lord God I have been trying with everything I have.  Guide my words to reach all who will recieve truth.

The Power of the people resides in the Declaration of Independence.

We are being abused.  The first Amendment has been stripped from us. They stole our voice. There is NO more freedom of speach. They Silenced our President. The First amendment is now down.  They have finally taken it over,  No churches,  no gatherings and now no freedom of speach.

The Republicans gave us up. Those who certified Biden have betrayed us.

Americans we are no longer free. Our Constitution is being destroyed piece by piece. The 2nd amendment is next.  The final death to it.

Our last peaceful recourse is to Withdraw Consent and strip their power.

We must come together, despite differences,  we must Stand and Declare in One United voice.  We cannot be divided.

We can Rise and stand firm,  peacefully.  And we CAN SPEAK! We are Tens of millions.   We can make ourselves heard.

We must withdraw consent.  We don’t have to sit by and  submit to oppression.  They borrow power from us. It is not unlimited.

We withdraw consent,  they can no longer govern. They cannot pass laws on us.  They cannot enforce laws on us.  They cannot govern over us.

We are being abused.  The Pilar of the laws of this land, is the inherent right to protect ourselves. We have a right to live and be happy.

How much abuse must we take? When will it be enough?

To begin to take back our nation,  we Must say No More and be relentless.  This is OUR DUTY – Our Responsibility.  President Trump did all he could.  Now we must Stand and be louder then he was.  REFUSE to Concede!  They made him by what they did to the Patriots.

This corrupt government has gone too far.  AMERICA, our 1st Amendment is down, our Constitution,  bleeding for it was dealt a deep wound.  And this we cannot accept.

It not about Trump.  It is about Us. They have divided all of us.

We must Withdraw Consent.  Now is the time.  We can.

The answer.

The Faithful must declare God.
The People must accept the responsibility of Duty as the body of the governed,  the Sovereign voice the people.
The People must declare their charges against the enemy government.
The People must revoke consent based on the egregious abuses suffered.
The People MUST recognize the desecration of the First Amendment.
The People must publically denounce all ties to the governing bodies who have conducted,  participated in,  and allowed this to happen.
The People must declare themselves Free and Independent from the Democrats and Republicans.
The People must Declare their voice in order to represents themselves, therefore all consent from voters are officially withdrawn due to a long train of abuses and a multitude of usurpations, the final act being the Denying the People’s 1st Amendment rights.

It is now or never.  We must all do our part.  We must join together,  to save our Republic. To save our Liberty.

Get involved!



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